[b]Update 39[/b] (2009.04.25)

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[b]Update 39[/b] (2009.04.25)

Post by admin » Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:20 pm

[news_title]Global Admin Updated, SubTraders, JS rewritten, Ext stats (Alexa, GoogleSafeBrowsing) and more[/news_title]

* Admin Area : Last Hour stats as option - exactly last hour or last 60 minutes (check settings-cjsettings-admin area)

* Trade : JS rewritten, now page loads much faster (you can really feel it if you have 300+ traders)
* Trade : Admin layouts (check Settings-Layouts)

* SubTraders : let's say you have a trade domain.com. Now you can add a subtrade domain.com/niche/ and have a separate trade for that niche, including separate description for toplist, ratio, forces, limits and so on.
* TopList: 2 new tags _MEMBER_1_GROUP_URL_ - for group toplists (lets say you have a trade domain.com and it has special url for group 'niche'. You create a toplist for group 'niche', instead of _MEMBER_1_URL_ use _MEMBER_1_GROUP_URL_). And _MEMBER_1_IMAGE_ - member's thumb.

* Import Traders : Autoimport from Progress added

* Trade MassEdit : more options
* Main : More history stats. Load Averages Stats
* Trade Edit : redesigned to use tabs
* Trader Thumb : Added personal settings for each trade (Thumb width & height)
* Admin Area : authorization for nginx, lighttpd added

* Trade Warnings: script can mail those warnings from you (Settings-CJsettings-Admin-Send system e-mails)
* Added Personal Skimming for notrade

* Ext Stats: Alexa : fixed alexa rank detection (Alexa changed design)
* Ext Stats: Recheck period moved to Settings-CJSettings-other settings-Check Trader's top position every X hours (it also checks Google PR, Alexa rank, Google SafeBrowsing, urlbl.com)

* Anticheat : tradescleaner removed
* Anticheat : Google Safebrowsing added

* Global Admin : new look, sort on-the-fly
* Global Admin : Details mode, copy, delete, edit traders from GA.
* Global Admin : Custom Field (for example url to external rotator)

* Rotation : GD lib redesign, try to create thumbs with GD.
* Rotation Pages : JS tag recalculation fixed
* Rotation Graber: Add format changed to http:gallery.com/|description|alt
Have you done script update ?

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