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It's a bit astonishing but looks like some people confuse URL and PATH.

URL - is something like, ie a place on the internet

PATH - is a position of a file on a disk

For example

Usually domain's folder at your server has a path like /home/user/ Let's say there's a file named 1.html. It would have a PATH /home/user/ and URL -

Периодически возникают вопросы по относительным и абсолютным путям. Относительный путь - это путь относительно текущего положения в системе, оно может менятся. Путь вида /home/user/ (тут / в начале пути указывает на корень файловой системы) - это абсолютный путь, он не меняется.

That's why we have 2 settings to save thumbs.

  • PATH where we are going to store files , for example /home/user/
  • and URL like to get real URL thumb which is sometimes impossible to get from PATH (yes, URL is pretty obvious in this example, but it's not always this way.
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