Update 45 (2010.09.15)

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Update 45 (2010.09.15)

Post by admin » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:28 am

[news_title]Custom Galleries, Rolling thumbs, Advanced Tube Feature and more[/news_title]

* Trade: skim pattern new option: you cat set skimming for example as 100,50,sell,70 - means first click always to content, 2nd - 50% skim, 3rd - sell traffic (Traffic Rules - Traffic Sell), 4th and all next clicks - 70% skim.

* Trade: Edit Trade - new option 'Hold Place in toplist'. Place trader at this place in top in spite of real rank.

* Rotation&Trade: New trade type 'Feed Trade', there are 2 things about this trade type. First of all, script counts this traffic in separate row, so it doesn't affect main stats, and, second, we dont take into account clicks from this trade in rotation. This means that clicks from this trade doesn't affect thumbs rotation.

* Rotation : Crop Profiles : there are 2 options when you create thumbs - script can create thumbs with size set in Rotation - Groups or size set in each Crop Profile.

* Rotation : Tube Import: import embeded content only option
* Rotation : Sponsors Menu updated

* Rotation : New Rotation : Tube Settings 'Use main or ext thumb groups ? ' - Main or Ext. As you can see in Edit of each thumb (rotation - list thumbs) there are 2 fields for thumb's group - main (where you can select only one group) and Ext (where you can select one and more groups). 'Main' is faster, lower load on server, but means less content for your site. Use Ext unless you see really high server load.

* Rotation : Graber was combined with Rotation - Import.
* Rotation : Graber checks for file MD5 sum to prevent from creation of the same thumbs. This is useful when sponsor gives you the same content with different urls.

* Custom Galleries : read more in wiki
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