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Outstanding Support

You can always get skilled support. Feel free to contact us at:

Forum: Support Forum
E-Mail: support@smartcj.com
If you have an emergency situation
ICQ: 311922021
Jabber: support@smartcj.com


Free Version

You can get a free version:

Version 2 is here !
And it take just 15 seconds to install it. All you have to do is to run the following command in SSH:

Code: Select all

cd /path_to_your_domain/
curl -sS http://smartcj.com/updates2/install | php --

It will ask you for DB credentials, but you can make it even faster and add parameters with DB name and so on to the command line

Code: Select all
curl -sS http://smartcj.com/updates2/install | php -- mysql_host=... mysql_user=... mysql_pass=... mysql_name=... scj_folder=... domain=... admin_email=...

If you would like to install version 1.X :

1. Download install script install_scj.php[/b] (IonCube PHP extension is required)
2. Upload install_scj.php to the root of your domain (BINARY mode)
3. Run from SSH (shell): cd path_to_domain_root; php install_scj.php
4. Follow instructions (Mysql DB is required)
5. Setup crontab job

That's it :)

If you have any questions - feel free to contact us.

The way Trade should be !

"not sure what we've paid for this SCJ script but it's worth the money twofold"

"Great support! i like to work with you, it makes my life much easier :)"

Now you can get it for FREE !